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Why verify

How often has it happened to you?

You’re left standing at a checkout when the Barcode is unreadable, you may have experienced delays or mistakes caused by poor bar code quality. We all want Barcodes that work consistently as we benefit greatly from their successful application.


Barcode verification solves these problems at source, protecting your investment and improving work flow and records.


So what is Barcode Verification?

In its simplest form it is Quality Control for Barcodes. Verification measures the printed quality of the barcode to international standards (ISO). This is the standard used by retailers worldwide.


Barcode verifiers are not scanners. A barcode scanner will only scan the barcode or not. If a scanner scans the barcode it cannot tell you what may be wrong with it. A barcode verifier will interrogate the barcode and tell you what is wrong with the barcode to enable you to rectify it prior to the product entering the supply chain.


Why Verify?

Some consider verification is an insurance policy, helping to assure you that the barcode will scan first time, every time at all levels of the supply chain that your product has entered. This will enhance the supplier/customer relationship.


Manage your risk!

But barcode verification is more than that. Used as part of an effective Quality Assurance system it can help you win business. Are your competitors using barcode verification? Are they questioning the quality of your barcodes with your customers?

Buying an Axicon Barcode verifier from Holfeld Graphics will give you the peace of mind that your products give your customers what they want, when they want them, and help you win more business.


Which Barcode Verifier should I buy?

Barcode verification can be very complex, but the Axicon range of barcode verifiers are simple to use and displays the results in clear, easy to understand terms. Let the Axicon barcode verification equipment become the barcode expert in your organisation, removing the burden of knowledge from your staff.


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